Our Story

When the James Madison University football team was headed to the FCS National Championship in 2017 in Frisco, Texas, a Facebook group called Dukes in Frisco was created. Since I live in the area, I was added to the group and helped people with information about what to do and where to stay. I also helped plan the events that weekend, which culminated with a win for our Dukes.  During that time, I was made an admin of the FB group.  

JMU won the game and the group decided to keep going as a spirit site.  After a vote of the members, we rebranded as JMU Nation.  Right before our return trip to the championship in 2018, I was asked to create JMU Nation apparel by the group.  Within 48 hours, I had a logo, online store, and merchandise created in time for the game.  Unfortunately, JMU did not repeat as champions, but that event launched my business.  It was first named The JMU Nation Store after the FB group, and has now been rebranded as Purple Nation. We still carry the original line of JMU Nation apparel and are now licensed by CLC and JMU to carry that and much more. We pride ourselves on carrying clothing for infants to adults size 5XL and many other unique items for the JMU fan.