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Ranger Cast Iron Grill Top + Hub

Ranger Cast Iron Grill Top + Hub

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Open fire grilling, on the go. Custom-molded for the Ranger Cooking System and joined with Hub, Cast Iron Grill has the wide grates and even heating for perfectly seared steaks and veggies.

Grill and Hub are part of the Ranger Cooking System and must be used with Ranger for a safe and complete experience.


  • Cast Iron Grill -- For the perfect sear
  • Hub -- Elevates your cooking surface

How It Works

  • Powered by the signature 360° Airflow Design of Ranger, 4-6 split logs will reduce to a single layer of glowing embers.
  • Hub offers Cast Iron Grill a precise 6.5” lift for the above the super-hot cooking coals.
  • Affixed with three stabilizing feet, Cast Iron Grill joins with Hub by clever design and unshakable balance.
  • Easily stoke and refuel without disturbing your recipes through Hub’s three broad windows.
  • Two easy-grip handles let you safely maneuver while assembling, cooking, or unloading.
  • Ranger's Cooking System makes hearth and flame one and the same– stoke and refuel after a hot and hearty meal to enjoy a signature smokeless fire.

Product Specs



Cast Iron and 304 Stainless Steel


Lump kiln-dried chunk wood


15 lbs
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